Humans are the most numerous race in the world. Though Imperial humans enjoy many luxuries denied to “barbarians” – rather, humans not of the Imperium – humankind itself is, generally, very aware of its status as the most dominant race on the planet.

Their cultures are as varied as their physical appearance, and both have adapted to meet the challenges of whatever environment they find themselves in. Most secular historians and Imperial archaeologists trace humankind’s origins to the southeastern reaches of Uthrei, though most clergymen of many different gods would call this heresy.

Campaign Trait (Human only):
Imperial Blood
Your accent and physical appearance (pale skin, dark hair, honey-colored eyes) mark you as one of Imperial lineage, whose blood originates from the lands surrounding the capital city of Orvas in southern Euron. Imperial forces are quick to trust you based on this, and you have always felt a certain air of entitlement when dealing with them.

You gain a +2 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character with an Imperial background or a character whose sympathies lie with the Imperium.


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