The Caelish Elves

The original elven homeland, and their greatest concentration, lies to the northwest, on a great island chain known as the Shrouded Isles.

Cael is the greatest of these islands, and the seat of power for the Caelish elves, a realm of blossoming, lush greenery and supposedly eternal spring that the Caelish protect with religious fervor.

Five years ago, the long-standing and uneasy truce between the Caelish and the Imperium came to an abrupt end when Imperial forces invaded and conquered an iron-rich outlying island long revered as holy by the Caelish, goading the elves into declaring war. Since then, the Imerium and the Caelish have been locked in an ongoing campaign to crush one another, much of it as yet confined to naval combat on the high seas, an arena which both cultures are very well-suited for.

The elves of the Imperium have begun to feel the repercussions of this war, as the humans of the Imperium have begun to trust their kind less and less as a matter of principle, the more ignorant and paranoid of them believing all elves to be spies for their brethren in the west.

The Caelish revere nature above all else, focusing on the power of the oceans and the storm. They worship the god Gozreh above all others.

The Caelish Elves

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