Keepers of the New Age

Adventure Log

KotNA Log

This log is minimal and merely here for a quick refresher on what has transpired in past sessions.


  • The heroes, an adventuring group somewhat infamous in the war-torn waters of the Shimmering Sea, are traveling south upon a merchant’s vessel to Uthrei. They have been contacted by someone named Banaan, who is offering them substantial reward for a job “befitting their skills.” This offer, combined with the fact that the Shimmering Sea has become a very dangerous and unprofitable place of late, spurred their decision to head south.
  • The heroes manage to fend off an attack by the dread pirate Bethany Shimmerhip and her invisible ship just off Mourning Point. Thanks to quick work with fire by Gnet, the human rogue, Bethany barely escapes with her ship intact. The red-headed harlot of the southern seas vows revenge.
  • Upon arriving in the imperial city of Kingsport – and procuring the services of three brutish and somewhat stupid mercenaries from the rude and unappreciative merchant’s staff – the heroes go about finding this Banaan, who is apparently a local crime lord of some sort.


  • By dredging the seedy underbelly of Kingsport, the Heroes contact Banaan’s minions known as Dale the Quiet. They are led into a dangerous underground trap that tests their skills. When they emerge from this gauntlet unscathed, the heroes meet a large northern barbarian named Sven, another of Banaan’s thugs. Sven escorts them through the Leech Road – Banaan’s underground empire that spans much of Kingsport’s expansive sewer system.
  • When the heroes finally meet this Banaan, he has been most impressed by their feats. He is a thick, sturdy man in fine robes, and he doesn’t seem the sort to take lightly. He makes his offer clear – if they can find the ruins of Old Anok to the east, then find a stone of great import and power among those ruins, and finally bring that stone back to Banaan, he can give them each a valuable reward. Along with heaps of gold and properties in the South, he even has the power to make crimes disappear from Imperial record!
  • Banaan warns the heroes that three other groups of ruffians have passed his test and have already begun their own searches, and they will not have any incentive to play nice with their competitors.
  • Before the heroes depart, Saliim the gnomish rogue manages to charm some helpful information out of Banaan – if they make a slight detour to Fort Galaas, they will find a man named Udo newly imprisoned within the fort’s dungeons. If they can manage to free Udo and thus put him in their debt, they would have a guide that is known to be the best ranger in all of the South to lead them to Old Anok with speed that the heroes’ competitors could never match.



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