Gnomes are creatures of fey origin and mysterious physiology, but there are no known gnomes alive who remember the truth of this, their original culture and history lost to the ravages of time and slavery.

They are found throughout the western world, as far east as Synd and as far south as Uthrei. Their culture is not unified – it seems that the various gnomish cultures throughout the world are a product of their environments, though few Imperial historians have bothered to investigate this in any great detail. Those who have attribute this to the fact that the gnomish race has suffered horrific slavery in the distant past, first at the hands of the ancient orcs and then to ancient humans, a period of history so vast that it scattered the gnomish race and consumed their history with little hope of reclamation.

The Imperium views gnomes as strange and fundamentally flawed creatures, relegating them to artisans and entertainers at best, slaves and servants at worst.

Gnomes in Synd fare much better than those in the Imperium. Syndan sultans and nobles revere gnomes for their “enlightened” demeanor and cherish their physical features, thinking them quite beautiful. As the opinions and habits of nobility tend to trickle down and spread among a relatively happy populace, many gnomes born in the Imperium find themselves migrating to Synd in search of a better life.

Campaign Trait (Gnome only):
Enlightened Courtesan
You hail from the eastern realm of Synd, where your striking good looks qualified you for training as a courtesan, catering to nobles and sultans who prized gnomish features above all. This sensual training and time spent in lavish Syndan courts has gifted you with an instinct for charm and the tools necessary for traversing complex noble circles.

You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character of noble or royal upbringing. This bonus increases to +4 when dealing with Syndan nobles or royals. Additionally, Knowledge (Nobility) is always a class skill for you.


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