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Character Creation Notes:

  • STATS: 8x 6+2D6, drop the lowest two.
  • Choose two character traits from the Advanced Player’s Guide or a campaign trait from the Major Races section.
  • Characters start off at level 3 with 3,000 GP to spend on gear. You do not have to spend it all. Whatever gold you do not spend you will keep on your person.
  • PCs will already be members of a modestly infamous adventuring troupe. They will already know each other at least somewhat well, having spent the last two years raiding tombs and adventuring throughout the Shimmering Sea.


Realms and History
An overview of the major continents and histories of the known world.
The Far South
A brief overview of recent events in southern Uthrei, as they pertain to the Imperium.


Major Races
Overviews and histories of the game’s playable races.

Home Page

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