Legends of the Far South

Before the coming of the Imperium, Cantu was a kingdom far older than Bhramat to the north. Its ancient legends remain alive with its people, the most impressive of them thought to be much more than mere stories, as their locales are present on any current map, complete with ruins and dangers that have been described by the Cantuan people for many centuries.

Old Anok
To the northeast of Fort Galaas lies an ancient ruin that predates Cantu by entire Ages. Since the before the founding of Cantu, the peoples of this region have shunned and avoided the place, convinced it is haunted by enraged spirits and prone to swallowing intruders whole. The Imperium has not seen any reason to explore these stories, believing them to be ignorant superstition, and the ruins themselves to be useless piles of pagan rock. If any northern tomb raiders have attempted to invade Old Anok, word of them has not been heard.

The Watchers in Green Shadow
The Emerald Vast is largely unexplored and savage, but human tribes span its breadth who have traded with the Cantuan peoples for centuries. Both they and Cantuan traders have spoken of massive statues that stand brooding amongst overgrown ruins in the forgotten places throughout the Vast. Upon approaching these statues, one is filled with a potent dread, thinking of nothing but escaping its gaze, sure that they are being watched by something both ancient and angry.

The Seers of the Jade Isles
West of the Coast of Chieftains lies an island chain known as the Jade Isles, a mysterious and wondrous place ruled by a cabal of mystics who keep the secrets of past Ages and supposedly direct the events of this one. No one knows exactly what they call themselves, which is all well and good, since southerners consider it ill luck to even mention them in polite conversation. Most do not even like to think about them, as it is said they can listen in on the thoughts of those bold and foolish individuals who have peaked their interest.

Kalandre the Ancient
There is an ancient tale in Cantu dating back to the Age of Silver telling of an elusive sphinx who dined with powerful kings and mages of lost empires.
When the rulers one such empire became corrupted by greed, civilization crumpled and the realm was lost. Kalandre was supposedly gifted with immortality and and relics of the empire’s history by a dying mage who would see his people return to prominence in some distant era. It is said that she still roams the Emerald Vast, waiting for the lost empire’s return.

The Living Jungle
Somewhere east of the Red River lies a place where, it is said, the jungle itself moves and breathes and devours any animal that enters it, whether man or beast. Even the savage kings of Tumn fear this place, however no living Cantuan or Imperial explorer has seen it.

The Lost Lands
South of the Sea of Serpents lie the Lost Lands, a dead, barren place where no birds fly and no beasts roam. Ill-fated Imperial expeditions have spoken of walking corpses and magical plague. Cantuan legend states that this realm was once as lush and green as the rest of Uthrei, until a wizard of a distant Age attempted to save his culture from the ravages of time by granting his people life eternal.

Legends of the Far South

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