The Imperium

It is the 478th year of the Age of the Star, and the Orvan Imperium rules much of the western world. The entirety of Euron is under their yoke, as well as much of the northern and western coastal lands of Uthrei. Orvas, the Imperium’s wondrous capital city, lies along the southeastern coast of Euron.

Like much of the world, humans are the Imperium’s dominant race, composing its entire noble class. Many Imperial humans, whatever their class, feel quite superior to other races and cultures, and their stark racism is generally ignored and even encouraged by Imperial armies and organizations.

The Emperor rules over the nobles families of the Imperium as a figurehead while the High Council delegates matters of state. The knights of the Imperium – generals and warriors of the Imperial army – are composed of nobleborn men and women, as well as those humans of lower classes who seek to advance their social rank through acts of valor on the battlefield.

Many good and neutral gods are worshiped throughout the Imperium, though the Imperial church reveres Abadar above all others. The worship of most evil and chaotic gods is banned and punished in a most severe fashion, often involving public torture and execution.

The Imperium

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